What Can You Treat With Micro-Needling In Allentown

In Pennsylvania, local residents who wish to acquire facial treatments should consult a cosmetic clinician. Through local clinics and wellness centers, these residents could acquire these brilliant opportunities. Micro-Needling in Allentown is available to treat unwanted skin conditions for local residents.

Treating the Signs of Aging

The procedure is also considered collagen induction. It allows the clinician to use a specialized tool to increase the production of collagen. As women and men age, collagen production declines. When this happens, skin loses its elasticity. By undergoing the micro-needling process, women and men can fight the signs of aging. The increase in collagen production allows the skin to plumb. The skin becomes plumber the signs of fine lines and wrinkles begin to disappear. This helps these individuals acquire a more youthful appearance.

Addressing Visible Scars

This cosmetic treatment provides assistance in making scars less visible. Most scars are the accumulation of collagen that creates an abnormal formation. The process breaks down the tissue that causes scars. This is beneficial for scars produced by skin conditions such as acne. The treatment addresses scars that have affected deep layers of skin.

Managing Stretch Marks

The treatment can eliminate stretch marks over time. It can break down the tissue and stimulate collagen to make the stretch marks disappear. According to most clinicians, patients with the most severe of stretchmarks may require up to twelve treatments to see the maximum results.

Rosacea and Acne Treatment

Rosacea and acne are skin conditions that could flair up at any time. They are caused primarily by skin damage, clogged pores, and environmental factors. However, the decline in collagen production could also attribute to more severe cases of these conditions. By acquiring micro-needling, the patient could eliminate these conditions and prevent additional effects associated with them such as scarring.

Pennsylvania cosmetic clinicians provide a variety of services to improve the aesthetics of local residents. These services can address skin conditions that hinder their appearance and present more severe consequences. These consequences could include scars, infections, and effects that could decrease the patient’s self-esteem. Local residents who want to get more information about these services should visit a local clinician today.

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