For Ailing Trees, Call the Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut

by | May 4, 2016 | Landscaping

A new home has just been completed on a rather large piece of land near Fairfield, Connecticut. The home is beautiful, but it sits all alone without a blade of grass outside any of the windows. A lawn care company that’s highly recommended in the area has been called in to remedy the sandy situation. They’re going to bring in truckloads of organic soil to create a healthy lawn for the family who will live in this home. The company is doing business with a homeowner that believes in living what is known as a “green” life. They don’t want pesticides or toxic chemicals anywhere near their home.

The honey bee is a testament to what pesticides can do to any insect. Of course, many insects are dangerous and need to be contained and eliminated when making nests near the home, but it’s the manner in which they’re eliminated that can be deadly to humans, pets, and harmless insects.

Years ago, citronella was the safe choice for controlling insects, until certain chemicals manufactured by big companies were, and still are being sprayed on everything, from farm crops to lawns.

Today, many companies use toxic chemicals that kill everything in sight. Northeast Horticultural Services is a company that will bring in one harmless insect or spore that will deter the growth of another insect by making their living area unsuitable for them. It’s easy to see why some companies are called in to design a garden-like setting for property owners.

Many homeowners like backyard pool with fireplaces and beautiful cement pavers around the area. They like the idea of a Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut spacing blossoming cherry and apple trees along the driveway, and they also want man-made brooks, park benches, and greenery throughout the property.

The recently built home is beginning to look like a park. The grass has been planted on mounds of organic top-soil by the Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut. Blossoming fruit trees are being planted, along with shrubs and perennial flowers. Once this is complete, the company will maintain the lawn, trees and greenery regularly.

For homeowners interested in this type lawn care for their property, tree service companies ask their customers to “browse website” for their phone number and up to date information about their special lawn care services.

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