What Can a Disability Attorney In Wichita do For a Client?

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Lawyers

Being healthy one day and finding that things change rapidly by the next day is never easy. Along with worries about physical and emotional health, there is the matter of figuring out how to take care of all the expenses generated by this new set of circumstances. Choosing to engage the services of a Disability Attorney In Wichita will help make it easier to adjust and be able to get on with life. Here are some examples of what the attorney can do.

Assessing the Situation of the Client

Before any action can be taken, the Disability Attorney In Wichita will want to take a look at all the relevant information related to the condition of the patient. This will mean looking at any events that led to the disability, such as injuries sustained during an accident. If the disability is due to a chronic condition that was recently diagnosed, the attorney will want to verify all the data with the physicians who arrived at the diagnosis. Once all the information is reviewed, the attorney will be in a position to work for the best interests of the client.

Seeking Financial Security for the Patient

Depending on the nature of the disability, there are plenty of expenses that may be ongoing. There is the need to provide the basics like food, clothing, and shelter. If ongoing medical attention is needed to manage the condition, there must be money to take care of the costs. Assuming the disability eliminates or at least limits the potential of earning a living, securing benefits for the patient will be a priority.

Since the disability lawyer knows about all the programs that would apply and what steps are necessary to seek benefits, it will be easy enough to sit down with the patient and prepare the paperwork. If it becomes necessary to attend some type of hearing, the attorney will be right there to present the case of the client. In some instances, the client will not even have to be present at the hearing.

For anyone who is disabled and needs help, Contact Slape & Howard today. After evaluating the situation, the team will get to work on making sure the client has access to all types of benefits currently allowed by law.

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