What Are The Benefits Of Boot Camp-Style Workouts In Markham ON?

What Are The Benefits Of Boot Camp-Style Workouts In Markham ON?

It seems that everyone has heard the new fad workout routine called Boot Camp. While trends appear seemingly overnight, this popular method is still popular and growing in popularity because it keeps it basic and quick. It is considered an interval training that includes bursts of cardio and weight lifting. They’re usually shorter in length than traditional workouts because you work hard for a short amount of time.

Blast Away Calories

The primary benefit of boot camp in Markham ON is that you can burn a lot of calories. Because you work every muscle in the body and go from one exercise to the next with little rest in between, you can burn up to 600 calories in one session. Of course, calorie burns will be determined by how hard you work, your age, sex, physical fitness level and more.

Combine Moves

Almost everyone, even those who are fit, will complain about the length of time it takes for them to workout. Most camps are about an hour in length, which seems like a long time. However, in that short hour (which will go by extremely fast), you’ll get both cardio and strength training in one. You get the benefits of both in one short session.

More Confident

It can seem a little scary when you first start this style of workout. You’re not sure what to expect or what everyone else will be doing. However, once you complete your first class, you’ll be drenched in sweat, your muscles will be at the fatigue point, and your heart will be beating fast. You’ll feel great about what you’ve accomplished and won’t want to wait for the next class to begin.

Boot camp in Markham, ON is one of the best and most beneficial workout options available. Visit Crossfit Markham online at www.crossfitmarkham.com to learn more.

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