Boot Camp Makes Muscles Burn

Boot Camp Makes Muscles Burn

You have decided to go to boot camp to start the New Year. Boot camp might sound like there is lots of yelling and in your face screaming, but you should not worry about that.

Boot camps classes in Markham, Ontario combine cardio and strength exercises to get a full-body burn. They make you sweat, get your heart beating, and challenge your muscles.

Different types of boot camps exist from moving from station to station that includes high-intensity intervals focusing on functional movements using your bodyweight or kettleballs; to alternating between floor exercises and treadmill challenges. Regardless, of the style of class, boot camp gives you a full body workout and keeps your muscles guessing.

The concept can seem quite intimidating at first, as the workouts are not easy, but everyone else participating in the class had to start at square one like you, and other beginners feel the same as you.

Learning the exercises, honing the body into form, and becoming stronger is the whole point of boot camp and cross fit and it all has to start at some point

Know Some of the Exercises

Exercises vary in each boot camp class. Expect to do jump squats and squat jacks, lunges and press, and ropes and burpees. Machines may or may not be used from treadmills to rowers and stair steppers to weights.

Wear the Right Shoes

Often times people will wear running shoes when working out because of how comfortable they are, but those types of shoes are not always the best for supporting plyometrics or lateral movements. Training or cross-training footwear is the most effective and helps to avoid injury.

Do Not Worry About Falling Behind

For first timers, boot camp class can be hard to follow along, but there is nothing to worry about if you fall behind. If the exercises are too much at the start, allow your body to give you signals and do not overdo it. If 20 jump squats are too many, do just 10. Everyone in class is worried about their own body and are too busy to be checking up on how many of each exercise the rest of the participants are doing.

As that famous sports apparel maker always says; Just do it!

If you are looking for boot camp classes in Markham, ON, please visit Crossfit Markham.

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