What Are The Benefits Of Bail Bonds?

What Are The Benefits Of Bail Bonds?

In Georgia, criminal defendants must wait for their arraignment to determine if they are eligible for bail. The type of crime for which they are accused as well as their previous record determines if the judge allows bail. Any defendant designated as a flight risk will not receive bail. A local bondsman provides 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Atlanta for all defendants who are eligible for bail.

Faster Release from Jail

With access to bail bonds on a 24-hour basis, the criminal defendants can achieve a faster release from jail. The bail bondsman can complete the documents required for their release as soon as the payment is received. Since they have more access to the jail, the bondsman can go directly inside the jail to retrieve the defendant.

Release on Weekends

Weekend releases are also possible with a bail bond. Most bondsman work throughout the day and night to provide the bail bonds. The defendant can acquire a release from jail on the weekend as long as a judge is available. The bondsman works with the local judges each day and may have connections that help the defendant avoid a weekend stay in county lockup.

Shorter Delays and Faster Processing

Since the bail bondsman process bail bonds continuously, the defendant won’t face major delays. The documents are printed out at the bondsman’s office and filed directly through the county court. The bondsman can contact the judge directly if the court is not in session currently.

A More Affordable Solution

The bail bond provides a more affordable solution for most defendants. It represents no more than fourteen percent of the total bail value. The payments are made via cash, check, or credit card. Collateral is also accepted in some cases. The collateral includes real estate, jewelry, and automobiles.

In Georgia, bail bonds that are available on a 24-hour basis can help defendants get out faster. The process requires the defendant or a representative to pay a portion of the bail to secure the bond. The bondsman handles everything else. Defendants who need 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Atlanta can visit Freeatlastbb.com for further details about the services today.

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