What Are The Advantages Of Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding offers a number of distinct advantages apart from being almost maintenance free and approving the appearance of any home. Vinyl siding in Anne Arundel County is an affordable alternative to other materials commonly used for siding, it is stylish, easy to care for and very durable. Vinyl siding is also an environmentally sensitive products as it uses fewer resources in its manufacture and maintenance and it is totally recyclable.

The material used for vinyl siding is poly-vinyl chloride which is blended with other chemical elements to make it even more durable and better at color retention as well as flexibility which is very important when the walls are not perfectly straight. Acrylics are added to help the siding resist denting if something impacts it such as a ladder or bicycle is parked against it. The material is an excellent choice when the weather conditions are extreme as it can handle freezing weather with no problems.

When the material is being blended pigments are added along with titanium dioxide to give the finished product a deep penetrating color which extends through the material, it is also very resistant to fading and chalking in the sun. Because the color is through the material and not just a surface finish this keeps and small scratches or other blemishes unnoticeable. With other types of siding which are painted, a scratch exposes the underlying material which is not only an eye-sore but exposes the material to the elements which can cause rapid decay.

Another major benefit is that vinyl siding in Anne Arundel County never needs to be scrapped, sanded or painted. All that is needed in the way of maintenance to keep it looking as good as new is an occasional washing with a mild detergent and a hose down. Water has no effects on vinyl siding so it is ideal for gutters and downspouts as well. If the siding is installed properly and washed periodically it will look as good as new for many years.

Some manufactures provide small perforations in the siding, this allows for any moisture or condensation to escape, this in turn prevents mold and mildew forming behind the siding and insects are not attracted to vinyl as they are to wood.

With all these advantages there is one more; cost. Vinyl siding in Anne Arundel County is very affordable, it is one of the most commonly used synthetic building material used and it is so due to its low cost and high quality.

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