Cater with Style Using Cardboard Lunch Boxes

Cater with Style Using Cardboard Lunch Boxes

When a client wants you to cater their next luncheon, consider offering boxed lunches as a great option. Each box holds a single serving of food meant to feed just one person. It’s nice to be able to hand out a boxed lunch that has every aspect of the meal included in one convenient box. You can find cardboard lunch boxes that are lightweight and perfect for individual serving sizes. The boxes will fold flat for easy storage before use, as well. A cardboard lunch box easily fits a sandwich, chips, condiments and a beverage in a single, portable container. They can be purchased in white versions. If you prefer corrugated boxes, you can find them made from 75% of recycled content which includes paperboard and post-consumer content all made from virgin material.

Stack Up Your Savings

Are you interested in stacking up savings? That’s exactly what you’ll do when you place an order for lunch boxes made from cardboard. Order from a reputable manufacturer that offers lunch boxes of the highest durability and strength. This type of lunch box is perfect for corporate meetings, luncheons, and even outdoor parties. One box contains an entire lunch in a cardboard box that’s very versatile. You can find them in a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs perfectly. If you prefer you can also use them as take-out containers, deli containers and for pastries. You can count on them to keep food warm and secure while remaining leak resistant. Purchasing this type of lunch box gives you the opportunity to stack up your savings, literally.

Choose from a Variety of Lunch Boxes

Show your style and brand lunch boxes with your logo for great advertising that leaves your eating establishment. There are several styles such as corrugated lunch boxes, art deco print corrugated lunch boxes, white paper lunch boxes and paperboard lunch boxes available. They are perfect for the heaviest of meals and an ideal option for your business. Choose the type of lunch box that would best fit your company goals, and keep food safe and warm with attractive cardboard food containers. For cardboard lunch boxes contact LBP Manufacturing LLC or visit

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