Ways to Use a Property Dispute Attorney in Paradise, CA

Sometimes people inadvertently use property that belongs to their neighbor, such as when they put up a fence that’s just over the property line. In some cases, it’s easy to resolve this issue by politely going next door and showing them the deed or plat that shows where exactly the property line is and asking them to work together to solve the problem. This doesn’t always work, however, in which case it may be time to hire a property dispute attorney in Paradise, CA.

If asking nicely doesn’t have any results and the neighbor stubbornly refusing to move their fence, cut down a tree under dispute or stop building something on your property, the next step is may be writing a letter and filing it at the land records office or county clerk’s office. Even better, have a property dispute attorney in Paradise, CA write and send the letter. It should include copies of the documents that prove who the land belongs to, what the violation is and request that the situation be resolved.

One potential solution that a lawyer may recommend is mediation, which can help the two disputing parties come to an agreement without the hassle and expense of going to court. Some communities even offer this service for a low cost or even no cost to the two parties needing help with an issue. This may result in a license agreement, where one party agrees that the other can have their property on their land but doesn’t give over any claim to the land, or it could end with a land sale of the small piece of land in question.

Should the offer of mediation not be accepted or should the mediation effort not work out, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit. The lawyers at  can help with this. They’ll start a civil court case requesting that the neighbor remove their property from your land and pay any damages necessary to put the property back into its original condition. This can get expensive, with costs starting around $3,000 and potentially being much higher than this by the time all is said and done.

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