Wash the Washer: How to Maintain Dishwashers in Lancaster, PA

A new dishwasher can make all of the difference in trying to eat at home. Everyone knows that eating healthy is much easier if he or she tries to avoid going out to eat as much as possible. The trouble with eating at home is the mess that it makes. Nobody wants to clean up after he or she eats. Luckily, dishwashers exist, and the days of washing plates and cups by hand are behind us. However, just like any appliance, they need to be maintained if they’re going to run well. Here’s a guide on how to making a new unit last as long as possible!

Choose the Right Soap

Using a high-quality soap that is purpose-built for dishwasher use is the first step in keeping it working well. Making sure that it has an additive to help rinse the dishes after the cycle will contribute to keeping the washer clean, too. Some people fill their dishwashers in Lancaster, PA with white vinegar in addition to their soap to act as a rinsing additive as opposed to buying one with it built in, which works well too!

It’s Not a Food Disposal

To properly cleanse the dishes, you want to make sure to remove any excess food from the dishwasher you purchased from JB Zimmerman. It can seem somewhat redundant since after all, you’re trying to avoid washing dishes by hand. But if a plate has a bunch of leftovers on it, they can stick to other dishes, clog the sprayers, and dirty up the unit. Just dump any leftover food in the trash or the food disposal.

Clean It!

Regardless of whether it’s treated correctly or terribly, dishwashers will eventually need to be cleaned. Everything that gets cleaned off of those dishes has a chance of staying in the washer instead of draining out. Those food chunks can get stuck with dishes during the cycle, making the whole thing pointless. Run an empty cycle with some white vinegar to do a light cleaning and go in with some rags and cleaner when it starts to get filthy.

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