Using Pest Control in Columbia MD To Keep Mice Out Of A House

Using Pest Control in Columbia MD To Keep Mice Out Of A House

When cooler weather settles in, some people find that mice try to make their way into the home to get out of the temperatures outside. Mice can quickly multiply if the conditions in the home allow them to settle in for an extended time. Most people do not care to have mice inside of the home. Here are some steps one can take in doing effective Pest Control in Columbia MD to keep mice from becoming a problem inside of the house.

Clean The Home Frequently

It is best to take the time to clean the interior of the home often. When a home is not frequently cleaned, crumbs will accumulate, giving mice a readily-accessible food source. Take time to clean off counters and vacuum floors regularly to keep crumbs from becoming a problem. Wipe down surfaces with a vinegar spray to help mask the odor of food.

Fill In All Holes To Keep Mice Out

Mice can get into a home through voids in siding or around doors or windows. It is a good idea to take a close look at the home for any voids that mice can use to get to the interior. These can be filled in with caulk, pieces of steel wool or pieces of wood to help seal the interior from pests, including mice.

Use Deterrents To Make Mice Leave

Mice tend to stay away from the scent of peppermint. Keeping peppermint plants in the home may help in keeping mice at bay. Pieces of cotton can be dipped into peppermint oil and placed along floorboards to keep mice away as well. Consider getting a cat to help battle a mouse problem. Outdoors, decoys can be used to scare away mice from the outside of the home. Place plastic owls or hawks in tree branches near the home.

If a homeowner needs more ideas in effectively administering Pest Control in Columbia MD, or if they want to hire a professional to help rid the home of mice, they will want to call a reputable service for information. Contact Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. for more information today!

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