Lemon Laws Are Meant to Protect Consumers

Lemon Laws Are Meant to Protect Consumers

Have you had to fix the same defect on your vehicle multiple times? If so you understand the expense of many repairs that just don’t seem to fix the problem. As a resident of the state of Arizona you have the right to seek protection under the Arizona lemon law. This type of law protects you when you purchased a vehicle that is defective. This means that you can get compensation once it has been discovered that your vehicle is honestly a lemon.

What Determines a Replacement or Refund?

You may be wondering exactly how you can get a refund or replacement on your lemon. During the first two years of warranty, or 24,000 miles of ownership, if you have endured multiple repair attempts for the same problem you deserve a refund or replacement. Generally the manufacturer, through an authorized dealer, is allowed to provide a minimum of four repair opportunities. You deserve compensation if your automobile is out of service due to repairs for greater than 30 days, as well. Applying the lemon law for Arizona concerning used vehicles is a little different. A consumer is protected if a major component needs repairs on a vehicle less than 10,000 pounds and the actual breakdown happens sooner than the first 500 miles, or 15 days of ownership. A used vehicle can only be considered a lemon if the vehicle is used strictly on public roads.

Seek Legal Counsel for Your Lemon

If your car exhibits repeat problems it is a good idea to seek legal assistance from a qualified lemon law attorney. It’s important that the manufacturer of your car is targeted and pursued in a court of law, rather than the dealer. Chances are the manufacturer will retain a lawyer to defend themselves too. This is why it’s important that you retain a lemon law attorney who can provide you with legal counsel, explain your rights, and protect you in a court of law. For more information contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® or visit www.yourlemonlawrights.com.

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