Using A Turret Punch Press

Using A Turret Punch Press

While a turret punch press is not a new piece of equipment, new technology has created an effective, efficient punch that can form metal quickly, with precision and accuracy as well as a lower cost than other options.

As with all types of punching and pressing. This system uses incredible amounts of force, often in the tens of tons, to tools to punch through sheets of metal. The turret punch press can be used to create simple holes in the metal or, through the use of different tools, it can create a variety of simple to much more complex shapes.

Operations Possible

With the new options in CNC or computer numerical controlled turret presses, even more, advanced and detailed shapes can be created. Additionally, with the new styles and modes of turret presses on the market, operators can now control the press functioning to increase speed and even create surface etching and patterning on the metal rather than just developing the punched holes of the past.

A critical control now possible is the punch cycle. It can be stopped anywhere in the movement to maximize the number of hits per minute the press can manage. The more hits per minute, the faster the production, as well as the more energy efficient the equipment is to operate.

Cutting is now also possible with the turret punch press. This is ideal as it allows for a single piece of equipment to be used to create the part, rather than the added cost and time to move parts from one machine to another for further processes.

Deburring edges or even tapping can now be done the turret style of punch press. This added versatility has made this an important option to consider for large volume production of a wide range of different parts and components.

Full automation of the system is possible with some types of equipment, which makes it an ideal addition to a large-scale metal fabrication shop with a constant requirement for large volume order production runs.

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