Using a Family Law Attorney in De Pere, WI for Guidance Through the Most Difficult Facets of Divorce

by | Oct 7, 2015 | Lawyers

Divorce can be an emotionally draining ordeal to go through. In many situations, a person that was once adored is now detested; however, bitter divorces can be dealt with in an amicable manner with a family law attorney in De Pere, WI. Since they have a duty to give fair-minded advice to their clients, family law attorneys assess family affairs that have the highest impact on lives so the right choices can be made for everyone.

One thing separated couples find so hard to agree on is child custody and placement orders, which are two different legal arrangements: placement indicates how much time children spend with each parent˗̶̶ if one has sole custody, it does not mean that person spends the majority of time with the kids. Visitation rights aren’t considered a legal term to describe how much time a parent is allowed to spend with children. Some think that terminology makes it look like one parent has more relevance in a child’s life than the other, but when both parents have rights to see their children, they are both considered to hold placement rights. When and how much time they spend together is the hardest part; there are things to consider like how far the parents live from each other, the school system the children go to, and work schedules. On some days of the week, there might not be enough time in the day for children to see the parent they don’t reside with. It may take two lawyers to mediate the matter so good judgment can be made for placement arrangements that work with everyone’s schedule and daily obligations.

Requesting spousal maintenance and court decisions to honor that request typically needs to be guided by a family law attorney in De Pere, WI. First, facts need to be established to see if spousal support is even necessary, and if so, the court must know how much financial support is needed for sustainment. Spousal support may be awarded for a given period of time to gain occupational skills and become financially independent. Prenuptials are honored, but modifications can be made when financial situations have changed since the beginning of the marriage. Visit for more information regarding family law.

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