Use Trees for Sale in Fort Worth to Increase a Home’s Value

Use Trees for Sale in Fort Worth to Increase a Home’s Value

Landscaping is a great way to quickly increase a home’s property value by 10% or more. The greatest thing about landscaping is that it is one of the easiest improvements to make. Below are some tips for getting started on a home landscaping project and finding Trees For Sale in Fort Worth.

Match the Landscaping to the Style of the Home

The best way to achieve a good ROI is to ensure that the new landscaping fits well with the style of the home. For example, if the home is Victorian, a modern garden may look out of place or lower the property value. Here, a cottage-style landscape is a good fit for the home’s formality. Consult a professional landscaper for help in choosing the right greenery for the home.

Design Strategically

Good design requires a solid strategy. The yard shouldn’t be cluttered with high-maintenance plantings, but there should be some landscaping. Good foundational planting with a few focal points can increase a home’s value by up to 40%. Diversity should be encouraged, but it shouldn’t be taken too far. An ideal, professionally-designed landscape includes a mix of perennials and shrubs that work well with the local climate.

Seasonal Balance is Important

A yard full of spring flowers will not attract buyers at other times of the year. Homeowners should think of ways to spruce up the landscape year-round. Although most buyers look at homes during a single season, they will notice the balance in the landscape and will think of how it may look with seasonal changes.

Plant Some Trees

A few trees can make a big difference in a home’s sale price. Studies show that living on a tree-lined road can add up to 15% to neighborhood home values. Trees are valuable because they remove pollutants from the air, and they keep homes cooler. Trees For Sale in Fort Worth can also relieve stress as homeowners relax in the shade or gaze up at their leaves.  to schedule a consultation with an expert who can help the homeowner choose the right trees.

Edge the Lawn

Few things are nicer than a carefully maintained, healthy lawn, except for one that is neatly edged. Edged lawns are easier to maintain, and they show potential buyers that the homeowner has meticulously maintained the lawn. That, in turn, can demonstrate that the rest of the home has been maintained as well.

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