Upstage your neighbor with an inground pool

There is nothing quite like having an inground pool, it is one “upmanship” at its finest. To get to the point where you can take your first dive there are some serious considerations and decisions that need to be made.

The first thing to consider is what a pool builder in La Quinta can provide. There are concrete, vinyl lined and fiberglass, concrete gives you the freedom to choose any shape you wish. The method of construction is usually Gunite which is concrete shot from a gun onto the walls which have been pre reinforced with a rebar grid. Once the concrete is dry then the surface is completed and it can be plastered, painted, textured aggregate or tile or a combination of finishes. Concrete is the strongest but it takes the longest to install, up to 12 weeks depending on the complexity.

Vinyl liners are produced by hanging the liner on a wall frame made from a non corrosive material such as aluminum. The shape is usually square or rectangular and the liner itself comes in many different patterns and colors which require no further finishing. Select a liner that is at least 1” thick because pool toys, pets or any sharp object can puncture it leading to an expensive repair. Count on 3 weeks for completion.

A pool builder in La Quinta can provide a fiberglass pool which is molded into shape in the factory as a one piece bowl which is then dropped in the hole using a crane. With the ease of installation a fiberglass pool may have you in the water in less than a week.

Next consider the total cost. Costs of inground pools in La Quinta will not be the same as in other parts of the country. The total cost consists of the pool, the soil condition and time to prepare the hole, circulation system employed and all the cleaning apparatus etc. Generally speaking concrete is most expensive, followed by vinyl and finally fiberglass pool construction.

Now comes zoning, inground pools are subjected to building regulations, therefore a building permit must be acquired before work can commence. The permit will be granted as long as the regulations on sanitation, deep wells, sewers, wetlands and the like are all met. The demand will entail a fence of least 4 feet high with self closing gates.

Once you have select United States Pools Corporation as pool builder contractor in La Quinta and the construction technique as well as the circulation system has been chosen, the next is to site the pool exactly. The site is equally as important as the pool itself as once it is in, there is no going back. Consider the prevailing wind, the sun path and attempt to keep it in eye contact with the house.

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