Extending Dodge Mega Cabs in California

Work vehicles that are used for heavy lifting, transportation and hauling heavy materials are designed so that the weight placed on the vehicle does not damage the shock system and other mechanical parts of the vehicle. However, for specialized hauling services, the bed size of the vehicle may not be able to accommodate the load. Therefore, a rental vehicle may be needed to finish the job. Over time, renting vehicles may outweigh the profits from performing the job without a rental vehicle. Therefore, a contractor may want to customize their existing vehicle to accommodate those jobs requiring a rental vehicle.

Precision Bodyline specializes in creating customized long bed body mega cabs for vehicles. The quality services that the certified professionals are trained for helps to ensure that the client will be satisfied every time they need a customized job completed. These professionals only require three days to design and install the newly elongated bed. During the installation process, the safety features are constantly tested and the load requirements are consistently monitored to ensure that it meets national regulations. In addition to the bed extension, other services can be completed during the process as well.

Some of the most popular modifications requested for Dodge mega cabs in California include lifts, fender flares and installation of lowering kits. Regardless of the request, each professional that touches the vehicle treats the vehicle with care and ensures the job is performed right the first time. If there is an issue with the service, the client may bring the vehicle back to have a technician look at the vehicle, diagnose the issue and complete the proper repairs if needed. The technicians are also flexible in providing mobile services for the various vehicles including the Dodge mega cabs in California. Another added feature that is available for any customer extending their truck bed is the ability to see a sketch or image of the vehicle before the work is completed. This allows the customer to make changes and other tweaks before the finished product. Although the services are affordable and competitively priced, there are financing options available as well.

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