Unique Engagement Jewelery in Colorado Springs

It is possible for a woman to not like diamonds. The sparkling gems are preferred by many people and they are the traditional stone found in engagement rings. Diamonds are practically indestructible and their meaning as a sign of a forever love is well known. However, they are not the only gem that has meaning and jewelery in Colorado Springs offers options for everyone. Some couples may discover that their relationship is so unique it requires something less traditional.

Alexandrite is known best as the June birthstone. It was discovered in the Ural Mountains in Russia in the 19th century. This colorful gem has multiple hues in each stone that will change according to the light source. It is not unusual for green, blue and red to appear in a single gem. The stone is believed to bring good luck and love. It is said to inspire creativity and boost the imagination and is a great choice for artists or anyone that loves to create.

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone that has adorned bodies for 2,500 years. The deep blue stone is entrancing and has inspired artists for centuries. Over the years it has been touted as a medicinal stone, used as an aphrodisiac and helped to keep evil away. The stone was once worn by only royalty and is said to keep people balanced, relaxed and to stimulate the psychic senses. This stone would be treasured by anyone that strives for inner harmony.

Rubies are well-known gems that deserve plenty of attention. Their deep red hues are perfect for a ring that is supposed to show the love and passion of a couple. Rubies are only slightly softer than diamonds. They are the stone of passion and life. They have a powerful symbolism and people have believed for centuries that they have the ability to increase courage and vigor and ward off evil. A passionate romance deserves to be rewarded with a shimmering ruby.

No rules apply when designing jewelry other than choosing exactly what is desired. Jewelery in Colorado Springs should be as unique, inspiring and exciting as the people who wear it. Visit Website Domain to see examples of what is possible and to make an appointment to design a ring unlike any other.

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