Understanding the Benefits Offered by Swedish Massage

Understanding the Benefits Offered by Swedish Massage

Massage has been practiced by cultures around the world for tens of thousands of years. Chances are good it has been part of humanity since the dawn of time in some way. Massage can be incredibly beneficial, but it sometimes requires taking a closer look at the various modalities to really see what those benefits are. For instance, what are the benefits of a Swedish massage in Downey?

Stress Reduction

One of the most obvious benefits of any massage modality, including Swedish massage, is a reduction in stress. We carry stress in our bodies in any number of ways. For instance, some people carry stress in their shoulders, while others can carry it in the muscles of their backs. Yet others feel the effects of stress in their necks, or it can manifest as frequent headaches. Wherever you carry stress, a massage can work it out.

Physical Healing

Massage can also provide physical healing and improved health. This is because it improves both flood flow and access to oxygen for muscles and skin tissue. Physical manipulation of the body’s soft tissues helps move toxins out of our muscles, stimulates the lymph system, and enhances blood flow, which helps with everything from stress reduction to healing physical injuries to the body. This is one reason why it is so frequently recommended as part of a physical therapy regimen.

Mental and Emotional Support

Finally, Swedish massage is also an excellent way to help improve mental and emotional health. Physical touch is a vital component of human health, but modern society puts a taboo on touch. This leads to a wide range of negative consequences, such as depression and anxiety. Massage provides us with the physical connection to others that we need for a healthy mind and body.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to be found with a Swedish massage in Downey. However, not all massage therapists or spas are the same. It’s important to look for a facility that offers Swedish massage along with other treatments and modalities, such as deep tissue massage, shiatsu massage and the like.

We invite you to contact Downey Massage today. Call 562-923-2665 to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained massage therapists. Not sure which modality is right for you? We can help you decide on the right type of treatment.

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