6 Ways to Make Internet Banking More Secure

Mobile consumption growth over the last few years has been phenomenal. With more and more people going online to connect and do business, online banking has become the norm for a lot of consumers. If you’re conducting transactions over the internet, though, keep them secure with the following tips.

Pick the right bank

Start by picking a bank with a good reputation. How long has the bank been in your area? Is it trustworthy? Are the people behind it trustworthy? Then pick that bank for your internet banking needs in Daytona Beach.

Use different passwords

It’s tedious, but it’s worth the time and trouble. Using the same password for all your accounts makes you more vulnerable to hackers and identity theft. By using different ones for social media and your bank accounts, your money won’t be at risk even if someone manages to guess at your Facebook password, Bankrate says.

Change them regularly

Staying with a password for too long can your accounts more vulnerable to hacking and theft. Constantly changing things around will throw them off the scent. Protect yourself even further by going for a combination of uppercase and lowercase words. Toss in a number or special character, and you should be good to go. Longer passwords also work better.

Check your account

Do this a few times a month to catch any unauthorized withdrawals or questionable activities in your account. Review your monthly statements for anything that may indicate you’re a victim of any online hacking or fraud. That should make internet banking in Daytona Beach easier.

Update your software

Use good anti-virus software. Check for software updates too. Using old versions that may be vulnerable to hacking attempts can put your financial data at risk.

Stay updated

Check emails from your bank regularly. Keep your bank apps and financial apps up-to-date.

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