Understanding the Four-Way Divorce Meeting

Understanding the Four-Way Divorce Meeting

When people are dealing with the process of divorce, they are often dealing with significant stress and anxiety. The thought of sitting down in a sterile conference room with your lawyer, your spouse, and their lawyer can be overwhelming. These feelings are even more intense if one of the parties has been a victim or threats, harassment, or domestic abuse.

Defining the Four-Way Meeting

When having a collaborative divorce, a four-way meeting is part of the process. Both spouses and both of their lawyers will meet together to attempt to find a resolution to issues related to the divorce. Neutral experts will also be present at this meeting. Depending on your state, a judge may order this meeting as a way to resolve problems outside of the courtroom. It can be just as stressful for the parties involved, however. We’ll look at some ways to prepare for the meeting and get through it on the date it occurs.

Communicate with Your Attorney

Your Naperville family law attorney will be able to explain the process of the four-way meeting and what might happen. You need to discuss with them before the meeting where you are willing to negotiation and what you are flexible about. You should also provide them information about areas your spouse may be flexible and which topics they will likely refuse to negotiate. If there is information you believe your spouse doesn’t know about, that should also be disclosed. This lets the attorney plan for a situation where your spouse accuses you of hiding things.

Keep a Cool Head

There is no doubt that a four-way meeting can turn into an argument which leads you to say things that should stay unsaid. You need to do your best to stay relaxed and avoid saying things unless they will help your side of the case. For the most part, you can let your Naperville family law attorney do the talking for you.

Listen Closely

You’re going to be focused on getting the things you want, but don’t ignore what your spouse is saying. You may find that there are areas where agreement is possible, which can make the entire process a bit less stressful.

Experienced Attorneys Near You

The four-way meeting allows for creative problem solving and can end up being positive all around. With the help of an attorney, you’ll get through it and be one step closer to complete the divorce process. If you need an experienced divorce attorney, call the Fitzgerald Law Firm P.C. for a completely free consultation at 630-946-6060.

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