How to Stream TV Shows

Cable is quickly becoming a thing of the past. People love watching TV, but they don’t love the prices they are being charged for a service that has more than what they need. Cutting cable and choosing to stream tv shows is the economical way to have the best of both worlds.

How to Stream TV

To stream tv shows, there are low-cost services that can be subscribed to. Some services allow the customer to pick and choose exactly what programs they want to watch. For premium channels, the service will cost a little bit more. There are many streaming services available with a subscription and even some apps that can be downloaded for free depending on the network.

Streaming vs. Live Streaming

Streaming simply means that you are watching media through your internet service via phone, computer, or television without having to download any data. Live streaming is watching a program in real time instead of viewing something that previously aired. Most services that are low cost or free will have a waiting period of at least 24 hours before the show can be viewed. Services that allow viewers to watch in real time cost more. For sports games, many people will opt to watch in real time because they want to know the outcome immediately and don’t want to have to wait until long after the game is over to see who wins.

Benefits of Streaming TV

One major benefit of streaming TV is that the show can be watched at any time. It’s similar to recording a show on a DVR. The show can be watched whenever it’s convenient and can also be watched on any device that has the same app. For services such as Netflix and Hulu, the show can be started on one device and, if it has to be paused, can be picked up right where it left off on any device in the house as long as the device is signed in under the same user name.

What Shows are Available

Most shows can be streamed. Some require a cable service, but other’s do not. Many have negotiations in place with services such as Netflix so past seasons can be watched at any point. Others are available only for a couple of weeks. Streaming TV is something everyone can benefit from even if they also like watching shows in real time.

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