Understanding Cemetery Restrictions for Headstones in CT

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Business

When a person passes away, the remaining family may often want to memorialize the site that their loved one is buried at. This can be a very touching way to keep a connection within the family of a lost love one. However, if a person is considering adding a headstone to a new or existing grave site, it’s important to understand the requirements and restrictions of a cemetery when it comes to Headstones in CT.

The fact is that many people are surprised that cemeteries have such restrictions, but many throughout the country have varying degrees of regulations when it comes to a memorial or headstone. One of the worst things a person can do is commission the construction of an expensive headstone only to find out that it violates the requirements of the cemetery where their loved one was put to rest.

That’s why speaking to the management of the cemetery is the best thing to do before moving forward with the creation of Headstones in CT. For example, some cemeteries have restrictions on the size of the headstone or memorial. In addition, many cemeteries have restrictions on the shape and color of a headstone. The creators of headstones can be very ingenious when it comes to the design as well as the aesthetics, and spending a great deal of money on a vibrant colored headstone that could potentially violate cemetery rules could be a costly mistake.

Another thing to consider is if the cemetery will charge a fee for the installation. In some instances, there are no extra fees for the addition of a memorial or headstone. However, it’s not uncommon for some cemeteries to add a premium fee when a headstone is going to be installed at a grave site.

One of the best ways to have the headstone that you have envisioned for your loved one to reside at their grave site is to Visit Shelley Brothers Monuments CT. This monument company has skilled artists and designers that can create whatever type of memorial or headstone you’re looking for. In addition, they understand the nuances of cemetery rules and, in some cases, they can help you understand them even better than you would if you were communicating directly with cemetery management.

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