Undersea Security – Modern Solutions for an Ancient Need

Undersea Security – Modern Solutions for an Ancient Need

People have been sailing for all of recorded history. It seems that since we have known of the ocean, we have used it for travel, trade and anything else we could dream up. Though not a primary method of travel as it once was, millions still take to the sea every year for any number of reasons.

Not surprisingly, this can create safety and security concerns. The ocean is largely unowned, public property, and those who use it for travel of any kind can easily find themselves is what is supposed to be a secured area, facing hazardous, uncharted shoreline features or in unfriendly waters. Even in peacetime, this can be dangerous for both sailor and landbound citizen.

Preventing Security Issues with Modern Technology

Keeping people safe from collision with land or other items along the shore used to be solely the job of massive structures like lighthouses and of on-ship personnel like lookouts. Both approaches were imperfect, and left much room for mistakes and mishaps. The solution? Putting modern technology to work, instead.

Today’s vessels use a variety of methods to maintain stability, monitor location during sailing and minimize safety concerns. One of these methods is the underwater surveillance camera. Using footage much like the closed-circuit television used to monitor land structures, ships can monitor the waters around and beneath them, avoiding danger and preventing accidents.

Keeping the Image Clear

One concern when capturing footage underwater is the questionable stability of the vessel housing the camera. This issue can be avoided by relying on dynamic positioning, a technology that keeps boats upright, on track and stable without the use of anchors and other devices. Using this, ships can keep themselves still and steady enough – while moving or stationary – to conduct surveillance.

Most people think of sailing as a primitive art, something that has been around longer than time. However, today’s sailors and the technicians that help to keep them safe are as much scientists as seamen, and are working with modern technology to keep our goods, passengers and valuable vessels damage-free.

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