Types Of Industrial Safety Products: Personal Protective Equipment

Types Of Industrial Safety Products: Personal Protective Equipment

Workers safety is extremely important. It is vital for employers and employees alike to take the right measures to ensure everyone has the right level of safety while on the job. Industrial safety products, particularly personal protective equipment (PPE) are one means of keeping everyone safe from harm while working.

Types of PPE

PPE refers to the types of equipment workers wear to protect them against hazards in the workplace. Various types exist to address different types of activities. The most common types of protective devices fall into the following categories:

 * Eyes and face: Examples are goggles, welding helmets, face shields, and industrial safety glasses
 * Head: Industrial safety products falling into this category are hard hats
 * Hearing: Any form of sound reduction including ear muffs and ear plugs
 * Respiratory: The most basic are dust masks; more sophisticated are respirators
 * Feet and legs: These include safety boots and shoes as well as shin guards and leggings
 * Hands and arms: The PPE focus on different types of gloves
 * Torso: Depending on the job, workers wear protective clothing, e.g. chemical, heat and/or substance resistant.
 * Musculoskeletal: To protect backs and joints, workers may wear specially designed braces and other similar

Personal flotation devices (PFD) and body harnesses are two other types of PPE designed to protect and save the lives of workers on the job. However, it is important to remember that wearing PPE does not give immunity from harm -particularly if a worker does not wear the equipment appropriate for the job.

Industrial Safety Products: PPE

PPE help ensure personal safety on the job. However, this should never be the only means of keeping workers safe. While industrial safety products are an important component, making certain the workers use the equipment properly is very important. Companies need to make sure they have in place stringent safety controls on all levels to ensure workers are safe and secure every day they are in the workplace.

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