Turning Plastic Cans Recycling in Hartford CT into a Lucrative Business

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Recycling

Plastic wastes form the biggest percentage of non-biodegradable wastes that are being dumped carelessly in the environment. Unfortunately, most of the plastics that are dumped in the environment take more than 30 years to be completely assimilated in the environment. It is also important to note that plastics do not decompose per se. This is because bacteria that cause decomposition do not recognize the chemicals that make up plastics. When plastics are dumped in the environment, they undergo what is known as photo-decomposition. To avoid ruining the environment with these plastics, you should learn plastic Recycling in Hartford CT.

Using old bottles as holders

There are very many household items that can be contained by used product cans and bottles. For instance, you can make very good pencil case out of used soda bottles. All you have to do is cut the bottle at the neck. If you have a problem with the original colors of the bottles, you can repaint it to a color that you feel comfortable with. Besides holding pencils, old bottles can be used as flower vases, candles and other stationery in the home.

Using bottle tops as exterior décor

Plastic bottle tops can be put to very good artistic use, especially on walls and fences. What you need to do is collect all the bottle tops after you have finished using the beverage bottles. Do not worry about the variety of colors that they come in, as this will be the ultimate beauty of the end design. After collecting a heap of the bottle tops, you can use nails or another type of adhesive to attach them on wooden walls and doors. They reinforce the wall while at the same time making it water proof.

Flower gardens from plastic containers

If you live in a place that has limited space for farming, you will benefit a lot from old plastic containers that have no use. For instance, you could take a ten-gallon plastic can and cut it in half, fill it with soil and plant flowers, a tree or any other vegetation you feel like.

These are just a few of the creative ideas you can employ in recycling plastic. Besides plastic, there are many other items that can benefit from Recycling in Hartford CT. To learn more about recycling, go contact Calamari Recycling Co.

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