Tougher Fuel Standards Ahead for the Trucking Industry

Tougher Fuel Standards Ahead for the Trucking Industry

Not long ago, the trucking industry received some unpleasant news. In order to lower greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, large trucks will need to cut their fuel emissions by twenty-five percent by the year 2025. That date is not far off, and it can affect companies thinking of buying used or new International trucks for sale in Texas. Here is more on the subject.

What Does This Mean for the Trucking Industry?

Even with the latest technology, it’s not easy to make such a drastic reduction is exhaust emissions. In fact, it often means reduced fuel economy, and for some vehicles, this loss could be as much as twenty-five percent.

When freight fuel costs increase, so does the cost of freight. Carriers have no choice but to pass on this extra cost to their customers if they want to stay in business. Customers (like stores and local businesses) have to make profits too, so they pass on their price increases to the consumer. Everyone pays for the new laws.

More than fuel prices can go up. For example, when companies in Texas check out new International trucks for sale and (all the other brands too) they could see an increase in price because of the extra emissions equipment.

Why Target the Trucking Industry?

According to studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks are responsible for nearly one-fourth of CO2 emissions. Since they only represent about five percent of all the vehicles out there today, they can have the greatest impact on the environment when they lower their emissions.

What Can Texas Businesses Do?

Upgrading your fleet can help. In fact, new International trucks for sale have better fuel economy, and the company stays on the cutting edge of trucking technology.

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