Evaluating Commercial Fleet Services

Evaluating Commercial Fleet Services

Most fleet managers look specifically to cost savings when they consider using commercial fleet services. However, if you are leasing some or all of your commercial trucks, executive vehicles or service vehicles, cost savings is really just one area of focus.

Often, when simply looking at price, the lowest quality of commercial fleet services seem the most attractive. This is simple economics; they are only offering limited support and additional services other than the vehicles, so they don’t have any built-in additional expenses.

On the other hand, your company has to pay for these services and options out of your budget. This can result in costs both in actual dollars as well as in the time it takes for your fleet maintenance and management professionals to get the job done. Time spend on routine tasks that commercial fleet services can do at a lower cost and without impacting your staff is simply not good decision making.

Leasing to your Needs

Many leasing companies offer a cookie-cutter approach to commercial fleet services. This means that all customers are treated the same, regardless of their specific fleet needs or requirements.

A better option is to look for a leasing service that listens to your needs and designs a leasing plan that addresses those needs. This will save you time and money while also adding to efficiency.

Covering Vehicle Use

Make sure to choose a commercial fleet leasing company that provides very clear and concise language in their contracts on vehicle use and wear and tear. Sometimes it is too late to find out service vehicles or trucks are going to be heavily penalized for being returned in less than pristine condition.

It will also be important to check if there are any limitations on how vehicles can be used. In some cases, high-risk types of transportation such as hazardous waste or other types of materials may not be allowed under a specific leasing agreement, which will mean having to juggle working with several leasing companies to fulfill your vehicle needs.

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