Top Reasons to Hire a Skilled Workplace Injury Lawyer in Boston, MA

Top Reasons to Hire a Skilled Workplace Injury Lawyer in Boston, MA

Workers have the right and expectation to carry out their duties in a safe environment. Employers and company owners are held responsible for ensuring the safety of their workers; thus, if an employee is injured in a workplace, the law allows them to claim compensation from their employer’s insurance company. However, most employers and their insurance carriers will frequently tend to deny or minimize benefits paid out to injured employees. They usually claim that the injuries occurred outside the realm of employment, or that the injuries are less severe than what the injured worker claims they are. To ensure the entire claim process is handled professionally, it is imperative to hire a knowledgeable workplace injury attorney. Here are three reasons to hire a proficient workplace injury lawyer in Boston, MA .

Handling Third-Party Claims

In many accident cases, where the victim was injured due to the fault of another, the lawyer may be able to file a third-party claim over and above workers’ compensation. This is because other third party vendors or subcontractors might have caused the accident, which will provide an additional amount of financial recompense for the victim’s injuries, pain and suffering. A dedicated workplace injury lawyer can build a solid case around a third party claim.

Adhering to the Time Limitations

Every state has a statute of limitation on in how much time an injured worker can successfully file a lawsuit for recompense. In the state of Massachusetts, the time limit for filing workplace injury cases is three years. A knowledgeable lawyer can ensure the case is filed within the set time limit. They will also help the claimant gather enough evidence to prove the extent of their injuries.

Protecting the Claimant Rights

A qualified workplace injury lawyer will make sure that the rights of the plaintiff are protected throughout the entire claim process. The lawyer will perform a thorough course of action and make sure the claimant has a cause of action, and can prove the negligence of the opposite party.

Other top roles of a workplace injury lawyer in Boston, MA include determining the extent of damages, filing the case and represent their client in court. Remember that a dedicated workplace injury lawyer works for a contingency fee, which means that you will PAY NO FEES unless you win. Please visit us to learn more about workplace injury lawyers, and how to hire their services.

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