Top 5 Services Offered At Reco Branding Solutions

The world may be in a digital era that has shifted its focus to social media and digital marketing strategies. However, one shouldn’t look down on paper printing. Nothing can speak volumes about a particular brand more than a beautifully crafted brochure. One way a business can spread information about itself is through promotional products, professional business cards, customized packaging, among others. If a company engages in high-quality creative printing, it will surely stand out among its competitors. At Reco Branding Solutions, clients receive commercial printing services. The five top services offered by the company are listed below.

Screen Printing

Reco provides custom printing on hoodies, t-shirts, jerseys, aprons, etc. It is an everyday activity that businesses often request to identify themselves. Pricing depends on factors such as the style and the quantity demanded. Reco provides three different types of screen printing which include spot color, half tone, and full-color screen printing.


Embroidery is recommended for professional businesses which are after a bolder look. However, this may be a little bit more expensive than screen printing as it involves sewing differently colored threads into a garment. The company also advises its clients in choosing the best type of apparel that suits their needs at low prices.


This is the latest printing procedure practiced at Reco. It involves transferring of high release paper that has the preferred design with the help of heat. The dye is later turned into gases which stick right on the garment. It still provides a soft feeling on the garment and lacks any heavy feeling of the ink on the shirt.

Signs and Stickers

Reco also prints billboards, sign posts, banners, etc. The company also works on a variety of decals that the customer may request.

Promotional Products

A business needs a competitive advantage to stand out, and there’s no better way than having a marketing strategy that includes promotional products. Customers can quickly learn about a business through these inexpensive and flexible utilities. A logo or message on the products will quickly catch an audience’s attention and create a lasting impression on them.

These are the main services offered by Reco Branding Solutions. Contact Reco Brands today to receive any of the services listed above.

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