3 Things To Do Immediately After An Auto Accident In Tampa

In any type of accident or unexpected event in life, it is normal to suddenly forget the steps that need to be taken. This is certainly the case when anyone is involved in an auto accident. The more serious the car accident is, the more difficult it can be to calm down and logically think through the steps.

To prevent this from becoming a complicating factor to the accident, there are three important things that every Tampa driver needs to learn. By following these three easy to remember steps immediately after the accident, you will help your attorney as well as help yourself and others at the scene.

Check for Injuries

If you are not injured, immediately check all the passengers in your vehicle. If anyone has serious injuries or if anyone in the vehicle is unresponsive, immediately call 911 and request police and ambulance to the scene.

Then, check with the other drivers to ensure there are no injuries in those vehicles. Be careful when exiting your vehicle, particularly if you have to step into the potential path of traffic.

Call for Police

In many Tampa accidents, there are no serious injuries, but it is still important to call 911 and request police. This allows the police officer to record the particulars of the accident as well as ensure your statement becomes part of the record.

It is also essential to ensure the other driver or drivers don’t report you as leaving the scene of the auto accident. This can turn a simple car accident into a misdemeanor offense if there are no injuries to a much more serious legal including felony charges if there is personal injury or death.

Document Information

You can use your smartphone to document pictures of the accident and also take photos of the driver’s licenses of any witnesses to the accident. This is often much easier than trying to make notes during this stressful time.

At the very least get the names and contact information from all witnesses, and make sure you have the names, driver’s license numbers and insurance information for everyone involved in the auto accident.

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