Tooth Replacement: What Are Your Options?

Having missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious and can be a blow to your self-esteem. If your smile suffers because you have a missing tooth there are options. Not only are there a few ways to correct your problem, but there are several good reasons to select a tooth replacement treatment. When you lose teeth from your mouth other problems can occur. One such problem is drifting. This is when the surrounding teeth around the empty space will move into the area. Drifting can compromise the gum line and make you prone to periodontal diseases. In addition, you can also suffer from bone loss. You can find a reputable dentist that offers several dental procedures for tooth replacement in Albion area.

Types of Tooth Replacement Procedures
When you visit a dental professional you need to inform them of your dental problem. A dentist will then examine your mouth and possibly take X-rays. Once that is completed a dentist will discuss with you the services they offer. The tooth replacement choices include bridges, dental implants, dentures, or crowns. The appropriate choice will vary on you and a dental professional will be able to explain why they have chosen one procedure over the other. Your overall health, location of the missing teeth, and the number of teeth missing are the main factors a dentist will take into consideration.

Aesthetic and Functional Tooth Replacement
Clearly, the gap left behind by missing teeth affects your appearance and consequently your self-confidence so by replacing the teeth with a tooth replacement procedure this allows you to be happy with your appearance. Not only does replacing 1 or more missing teeth improve the appearance of your smile, it can prevent further aesthetic issues from happening. A replacement tooth restores your ability to be able to chew and eat foods because they will function just like your natural teeth. Tooth replacements are aesthetic and functional.

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