Tips on Swimming Pool Renovations in Sarasota FL

A swimming pool that is aging and dull looking can be overhauled to reflect the current and modern standards. There are other pool designs do not look attractive and are somehow boring trying to have fun in them. Sarasota, FL has specialists that can help give a new look to that old backyard pool. The tips below can aid in swimming pool renovations in Sarasota FL.

Pool Resurfacing

Resurfacing enhances the look of a swimming pool and is a lasting solution to the problem of a surface that wears out over time. For instance, a pool with a plaster finishing can be upgraded to a more modernized look. Some suggestions here include the use of shells, stones and a combination of various colors.

LED Lighting

This form of lighting is the best for your pool. First, it is energy efficient thus it offsets the installation costs. LED lighting also transforms an ordinary pool into a glamorous oasis. It can either be installed under water or any other place that is convenient to the owner. There are numerous colors that can be used to illuminate the pool which means that the pool can have a personalized look.

Water Features

Features like waterfalls, sprayers and scuppers are a pretty choice that can be added to an existing pool to make the design more appealing. They assist in breathing some liveliness into a lackluster swimming pool.

Tiling of Waterlines

Tiling is the cheapest way of giving a waterline a contemporary look. It is even more powerful when combined with deck resurfacing.

Energy Efficiency

Using energy efficient equipment is designed to make the management of the pool easier by subsidizing on the related costs. A variable speed swimming pool pump, for instance, utilizes less electricity while maximizing on the effectiveness of the pool. Other great options are solar powered lights, heaters and energy efficient filters.

Sparkling Kleen Pools and Spas are industry leading contractors in the installation, repair and Swimming Pool Renovations in Sarasota FL. Both big and small tasks are expertly handled and within the required time. Just give them approximately two weeks to do everything from draining and the rest and the pool will be ready for swimming.

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