Tips on Finding an Ideal Company for Chimney Liner in Long Island NY

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

A chimney liner is viewed as the ultimate way of shielding the walls around the chimney from the intense and dangerous heat generated. The combustion products are effectively and safely directed to the outside atmosphere. The liner is recommended for residential homes, homeowners’ associations (HOA), commercial buildings, brownstones and all apartments. It acts as a barrier between the dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide and the lives of the people in the building. It is also advisable that any fault detected in an existing chimney liner be fixed with immediate effect. Any minute wasted might result in dire consequences.

There are various agents of damage to the chimney liner, which include hurricanes, natural deterioration, settling and chimney fires. In other cases, the liner might fail to function as expected due to errors made during its installation. It will be necessary to call in an expert to reline it. Early rectification also helps to avoid other expenses that might arise in the long run. Chimney liners are compatible with most gas appliances, woodstoves, wood burning appliances and oil burners. The dangerous nature of these appliances makes it critical to have the liners in shape all the time.

Benefits of a New Chimney Liner
Chimney maintenance helps in safeguarding and protecting the lives of those residing in the house. Getting a chimney liner in Long Island NY has the following benefits.
1. Excessive buildup of creosote is prevented which helps the chimney to maintain its cleanliness always.

2. The efficiency of the appliances is greatly improved, which results in a general reduction of energy related costs.

3. A newly installed liner reduces the probability of chimney fires occurring and causing undue destruction

4. Dangerous creosote, fumes and smoke are avoided since they cannot seep through the walls, making the environment safe

5. There is sufficient protection that might arise from water damage, hazardous gases and fumes

US Chimney of Long Island NY is the market guru in chimney lining services and products. From the provision of tested-and-proved liners and complementary products to expertise installation and repair services, this is the company to call for your chimney liner in Long Island NY. The prices and service charges offered are customer-friendly. Plus, all their professionals are licensed and insured. Visit for more information.

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