Tips On Choosing Reception Halls in Fort Wayne, IN

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Catering

Choosing the proper facility in which to hold an event does not have to be an occasion of stress. With the proper amount of foresight and planning, it can be an easy task. Here are a few tips on choosing reception halls in Fort Wayne IN.

1. Choose a location that pairs well with the event. For instance, a bustling downtown locale may not be appropriate in all instances, and a hall that is located in a more tranquil and serene setting may be required. If possible, try and make it centrally located to make it easy on guests who may be traveling long distances.

2. Ensure that the banquet hall will provide privacy for the entire party. Nothing can ruin an event faster than two separate events going for at the same time with noise bleeding out into each event.

3. Ask about lighting and acoustics. Lighting is of utmost importance to set the mood for the event. If the event is the business in nature, brighter lighting may be required while dimmer lighting would be more appropriate for wedding receptions. Make sure that the hall does not suffer from an echo problem. A large gathering of people may have trouble hearing one another over the reverberating sound.

4. Ask if the price includes decoration. The decorations will be completely dependent upon the nature of the event. Always remember to make sure that the hall will be large enough to accommodate the size of your party. Also, ask about what the clean-up and breakdown policy is. Will this be handled by the renters or by the hall staff? All of this information should be in the contract at the time of signing.

5. Ask about the experience of the company renting the hall. Have they previously worked with events of your nature? It is always a good idea to ask for local references to verify what past customers have to say about them.

If the need arises for Reception Halls in Fort Wayne IN, Contact Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center for an experienced company that will go the extra mile to make sure the event is remembered for a lifetime.

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