Qualities in a Moving Service That Can Make Your Chicago Relocation Hassle-Free

Opting to hire movers for your move to or from Chicago is probably the best relocation decision you can make. Leaving the stress and tediousness of moving to the professionals will definitely make the process less painful and more enjoyable.

Nevertheless, while you have several reliable options for a professional moving service, Chicago relocation companies are simply not created equal. It is important to research the pool of moving companies in your area in order to find the best professionals for your need.

To make the decision even easier for you, below are a few characteristics that only reputable and reliable moving services possess.

Impeccable Customer Service
Only a reputable and reliable moving service provide great customer service. From the initial meeting to discuss prices to the day of the move itself, the right relocation company should provide you with prompt and respectful answers to all of your moving concerns. Professional movers always put their customers’ wants and needs first.

Gleaming Recommendations from Former Clients
Moving companies thrive and achieve success mainly because of their impressed customer base. They usually get referrals from their former customers which is why maintaining great customer service is priority. Needless to say, if the company you are vetting is truly reliable, they wouldn’t think twice about giving you a list of their former customers to serve as references.

Accreditation from Quality Governing Associations
Before hiring a moving company for your Chicago relocation, it is a good idea to find out whether the service is licensed by state and federal authorities. American Moving and Storage Association and Corporate Relocation Council of Chicago are two of the governing bodies that establish the reliability of a moving company.

Customizable Moving Packages
A reliable moving company would be able to provide a relocation package that fits your moving needs. The right company offers a wide array of moving service features you can choose from, including:

  • Short Term and Long Term Storage
  • Full or Partial Packing/Unpacking
  • Decluttering and Staging

With the information above in tow, choosing the right moving service for your relocation has never been easier! No sweat, no stress, no hassle – trust the professionals to move you.

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