Tips For Working With Check Valve Manufacturers

Tips For Working With Check Valve Manufacturers

It may seem like every possible type of valve required has already been designed and exists somewhere as an off the shelf type of product. It may be possible to find just the valve you are looking for from some manufacturer, but it can be a complex task to track it down, and the manufacturer may not offer the quality control manufacturing process and the adherence to industry standards you require.

It is also very likely that the equipment design or the configuration you need for the check valve, or for any other type of valve, may not be economical to produce as a standard valve. By choosing to work with top check valve manufacturers, you can design the features and options needed for the system to create the ideal customized check valve.

Choice of Options

Custom check valve manufacturers may offer an online design option to allow your engineering and design team to develop the ideal valve. This also ensures all aspects of the design can be verified and confirmed before placing the order.

The first step is to choose the material for the check valve. Both plastic and metal options are available, with differences in materials for both categories. Check valves also allow the option for different inlet options including barbs, male and female inlets as well as variations within those groups.

Seal options vary based on the material for the valve body as well as the specific application. These can be extremely durable and designed for high pressure, high temperature and highly corrosive materials.

In addition, the check valve manufacturers need to know the operating pressure for the system. Keep in mind this is the maximum operating pressure possible and not the average pressure. By designing the valve for the maximum pressure, the risk of leaks in the valve during peak pressure surges in the system is virtually eliminated, and the life cycle of the valve is maximized.

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