Tips For Seasonal Weed Control

Weeds are a fact of life in any lawn or garden but there are simple but time consuming steps that you can take to manage your weeds and eventually minimize your problems. The key to any weed control program is that you have to do it consistently and before the existing weeds become mature and re-seed the area.

Mulch your Beds

One of the easiest ways to help limit weed growth is to put at least 2-3 inches of top quality mulch on your flower beds. Mulch is coarse, not the same as compost, and acts like a natural barrier to sunlight to prevent most of the weed growth. In addition to weed control mulch also helps to retain soil moisture and keep soil temperatures cooler which is a benefit to your plants.

You can also spray the mulch with a chemical weed control product or use a green weed solution. If you are using a chemical herbicide be sure to carefully read the instructions and avoid any direct contact with the leaves, flowers or stalks of your garden plants. Also read any issues with run-off of the chemical or contact with the chemical for children or pets.

Weed Frequently

Make it a habit to go out every couple of days, especially in the early spring, and pull up the very young weeds as they emerge from the coil. This will get rid of the weeds before they use up soil nutrients or get a well-established root system. Try moistening the soil and allowing the water to soak in before weeding to remove them much easier.

Use a Weed Control Service

If you don’t have the time to mulch and weed you may want to consider hiring a landscaping service that offers weed control as one of their services. These professionals may use a range of different chemicals and methods to ensure your gardens remain weed free throughout the growing season.

Remember that by being consistent with your weed control there is much less risk of volunteer seeding of weeds for next year. While weed seeds will still come into your yard through wind, by birds and even by insects you can greatly reduce the number of weeds over the years just by being consistent and staying ahead of the weeds.

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