Tips For Safe Use Of Industrial Cleaning Chemicals in Houston, TX

Working in janitorial services can be a dangerous occupation due to exposure to Industrial Cleaning Chemicals in Houston TX. Many chemicals can cause severe irritation if they come in contact with the skin and eyes, and fumes from chemicals can be harmful to the lungs. Therefore, it’s very important for a cleaning company or any organization that regularly uses chemicals to have a safety plan in place. The following are some tips for safe use of cleaning chemicals that can be incorporated into a company-wide safety plan.

First of all, knowing what you have and where it’s stored is a key to safety. Make a list of the chemicals you have and, for each entry, include the contents of the cleaning fluid, the quantity and storage location, its potential hazards, and safety precautions users need to take. Keep the documentation visible and consult it regularly. Along with your own documentation, it’s important to keep and refer to the Safety Data Sheets for each cleaning fluid you have.

Next, avoid mixing chemicals at all costs. Even if two chemicals seem to exist for the same purpose, like cleaning windows or cleaning carpets, don’t assume their components are the same. Two chemicals can react with each other, and those reactions can be very dangerous, especially if they generate toxic fumes. Even a small amount of a chemical can react with another one, so storing a cleaning fluid in an empty container that once held a different cleaner is risky.

It’s also very important to use and store chemicals in well-ventilated areas. The fumes from chemical cleaners can harm the lungs if inhaled, and they’re especially dangerous for young children. Not only the chemicals themselves but the fragrances added to them can cause respiratory problems. In addition to ventilation, it’s important to keep chemicals away from HVAC ducts as much as possible so fumes don’t travel throughout the building.

Finally, it’s crucial to install signage explaining the possible dangers of cleaning chemicals. Employees need to be familiar with key words used on the signs, like “caution” (the product is relatively safe if used carefully), “warning” (the product is somewhat toxic), and “danger” (the product is highly toxic). For more information about Industrial Cleaning Chemicals in Houston TX, visit Website

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