Tips For Operating Log Mill Equipment

There are many different applications for log mill systems and equipment both for personal types of use or for commercial use in the logging and forestry industry. While size and capacity, as well as different model options and features, will have variations between equipment used on a ranch or a homestead and equipment used by the forestry industry, there are still basic similarities for use and maintenance.

To get the most out of log mill equipment for any type or use, there are several different tips owners and operators can use to extend the life cycle and get the most cutting potential. Of course, starting with the best quality equipment from a trusted manufacturer in the industry is always essential, and should be the first important step for any type of use.

Maintain the Blade

Cutting with a dull blade or an incorrect blade for the system is not just inefficient, it can also create a very real safety concern for the operator or anyone working near the equipment.

Always check the blade before each use. It may take time to sharpen or replace a dull blade, but it is less time than trying to deal with a blade that breaks off in use and is now stuck in the log.

Prepare and Size the Logs Correctly

Taking the time to trim the butt of the log to meet the diameter of the rest of the log allows for faster operation of log mill equipment. It does not have to be exact, but a dramatically larger bell will result in the need to adjust the mill.

Do not try to use log mill equipment to cut logs oversized for the system. This is another common issue and results in additional strain on the equipment, leading to a higher risk of a component failure.

Finally, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance of the system. The small amount of time this takes can have a big benefit in extending the life of the equipment and reducing the risk of costly repairs.

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