Tips For Maintaining A Corporate Fleet Vehicle

Tips For Maintaining A Corporate Fleet Vehicle

It is not uncommon for large companies, and even smaller companies, to maintain their own fleet of vehicles. This can actually be a cost saving overpaying employees, managers and executives mileage for their own vehicle use.

However, there are some important issues to consider with regards to fleet management of the corporate executive vehicles. Generally, these are luxury types of cars or SUVs, and they have to be maintained in top condition at all times. This is not just important to avoid breakdowns and repairs, but it is also critical to keep the resale or the lease return value of the vehicles as high as possible.

The Challenges With Multiple Fleet Vehicles

The difference between maintaining the different corporate fleet vehicle options can create a very real challenge for New Jersey fleet managers. Delivery vehicles or heavy-duty trucks require specific types of mechanics as well as parts and components, while the executive fleet of vehicles required greater expertise with these upper-end vehicles.

While there is software to assist in maintaining corporate fleet vehicle maintenance schedules, there is still the issue of working with heavy duty equipment, light-duty vehicles, and luxury cars. A better option, and one smart New Jersey fleet managers are using, is to contract with a local mobile mechanic and maintenance service.

This allows the mobile service to work on the luxury corporate fleet vehicle line, allowing your in-house mechanics to focus on the trucks and heavy-duty engines in the rest of the fleet. These mobile mechanics arrive with all the parts, components and oil required to do the maintenance work, making it a very simple and streamlined process.

Without the need to drive vehicles to local garages or dealerships, fleet managers saving on time as well as mileage on the vehicle. It also means the vehicles are always maintained by the same service, providing consistency with all services.

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