Tips for Hiring a Social Security Attorney in Paradise CA

The application process for Social Security Benefits can be extremely daunting, and it often proves to be overwhelming for most people. Most applications are denied at the initial level, making it essential to hire a disability attorney. An attorney will greatly improve your chances of success in having your benefits approved by ensuring that you get a fair hearing as well as adequately preparing you for the questions that you are likely to be asked during the process. However, it is essential that you choose a lawyer who is familiar with Social Security Disability laws, and one who has an understanding of what it takes to get your claim approved. Here are factors to consider while hiring a Social Security attorney in Paradise CA.

Physical office

It is essential that you inquire from your potential attorney about the location of their office. This is especially important for accountability purposes. Ensure that your attorney has a physical office in your community.


If your attorney is primarily devoted to Social Security cases, there will be more likelihood of their being more qualified than an attorney who only handles such cases as a sideline. It is therefore essential that you get reliable facts about the attorney’s field of specialization before hiring them.


It is extremely important that you get an attorney who will be willing to avail themselves to you before and during the hearing. It is not uncommon for some lawyers to meet their clients for the first time immediately before their hearing. Regular meetings with your attorney will not only ensure that you get adequate preparation on what to expect during the trial, you will also be well informed of the progress of your case at regular intervals.

Legal fees

While it is not wise to select an attorney based solely on the legal fees they charge for their services, it is essential that you get several quotes from different reputable law firms before settling for one who charges reasonable fees.

If you have a physical or mental illness that is rendering you incapable of working, you will be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. However, you will need a seasoned Social Security Attorney in Paradise CA to get you through the process. Contact Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law, they also practice in other areas of law including workers compensation, family law, and divorce/mediation.

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