Tips for Effective Sewer Maintenance

Tips for Effective Sewer Maintenance

You may rarely think of your home’s sewer system unless something goes wrong with it. This system is vitally important to your household, however. If something goes wrong with your sewer, it can have a big impact on your life. This is why it is so important to keep up with the maintenance of your septic system in Marietta, Georgia. Follow these tips to help keep your septic system in good working condition.

Treat Your Sewer Right

Some sewer problems may be prevented by avoiding behaviors that cause clogs or damage. Never pour grease down your drains or flush food down the toilet. Also, avoid cleaning your toilets with chemicals that are not sewer safe.

Get Regular Checks

Your sewer system needs to be regularly checked by professionals to ensure that it has no problems. Getting your sewer checked frequently can help ensure that if issues do develop, they will be caught and resolved before they develop into big problems. If septic issues are allowed to progress without intervention, you could end up facing the inconvenient and expensive process of a full sewer replacement.

Pump on Schedule

Having regular check-ups of your septic system in Marietta, Georgia can help prevent big problems. You also should not fail to get your sewer pumped when needed. Expert opinions vary on exactly how often this should happen. Some say every year, while others say every three to five years. Try to never go longer than five years without getting your sewer pumped.

Watch for Problems

Call a professional right away if you notice signs of septic system problems. If you delay getting help, the issue could continue to progress and become much harder to resolve. Signs of sewer problems may include gurgling sounds, clogged toilets that cannot be resolved with a plunger, or water backing up from one drain into another. If you see any of these things, do not hesitate to call a professional plumber to evaluate the situation. A competent plumber can give expert advice on how to resolve the problem.

Keeping Your Sewer Safe

Sewer issues can start out small and subtle, and progress into serious problems that may cost a great deal of time and money to fix. Maintaining your septic system in Marietta, Georgia, can help keep your sewer clear and working well. Visit the website of  for more information.

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