Packing For Land Vacation Packages in New Braunfels TX When You Have Migraines

Any thought of travel can be terrifying for migraineurs, or people who suffer from migraines. However, if you can manage caring for migraines at home, it is possible to manage them while on vacation. You do not need to be a prisoner to your migraines. If you want to enjoy Land Vacation Packages in New Braunfels TX you can still enjoy them pain-free if you take a few precautions.

Plan on Eating Regularly

Even if you want to go on a cruise of wall-to-wall food, you may be too excited to eat at regular times. Any dips in blood sugar can trigger migraine attacks in some migraineurs. Eat a minimum of new foods because you will not know how your head will react to them. Pack some safe snacks just in case you cannot get to food or the food offered contains one or more of your known migraine triggers.

Ask Questions Before You Pack

Whether you are going by train, plane or boat, ask your travel agent or Cruise Planners what food you are allowed to bring and what food or beverages will be available. Also, ask about their medication policies. Some places will stock over the counter painkillers and ice packs. Some will allow you to bring your own medication as long as you bring a note from your doctor or have prescription information on your pill container.

Pack Sunglasses and More Sunglasses

Sun glare, blinding-white snow or even a continual spot of bright light causes eye strain. Eye strain is a common migraine trigger. To prevent eye strain, be sure to pack sunglasses and hats with a wide brim. If you have a tendency to lose sunglasses, pack at least two.

Avoid Tobacco Smoke

America may be going smoke-free but not the rest of the world. Strong smells, especially tobacco smoke, can trigger migraines in some migraineurs. Find smoke-free places or keep to outdoor events in order to limit exposure to second-hand smoke.

Rest When Tired

When traveling, it’s tempting to try to see and do it all at once. Overexerting yourself could trigger a migraine. If your body is tired, it needs a rest. Pay attention to it. Ask your cruise planner or Land Vacation Packages in New Braunfels TX agent for a choice of things to do during your stay.

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