Tips For Buying A Nitrogen Spray Gun

Tips For Buying A Nitrogen Spray Gun

A nitrogen spray gun is used in any type of application where the application of nitrogen gas is required. A very common use of this type of gun is in a cleanroom environment where nitrogen gas is used instead of air for drying or cleaning areas.

While a cleanroom is a controlled environment, that doesn’t mean that the equipment is put to the test. When choosing spray gun for nitrogen for a cleanroom or for use in any type of industrial or processing application, there are some important factors to keep in mind.

As cleanrooms may actually be corrosive and potentially destructive environments from many materials, particularly in semiconductor fabrication, a lot of different considerations go into choosing the ideal spray gun for long life cycle, durability and reliable performance over time.


PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene is perhaps best known as Teflon. This is the same non-stick coating applied to many items around the home as well as in the food and beverage processing industry.

While PTFE is non-stick, it is also non-reactive, which means that the material in these nitrogen spray gun models will not react with chemicals on surfaces or in the air, an important consideration in many production applications and clean rooms.

Additionally, this is also a highly corrosion resistant surface and material, resulting in longer life for the spray gun in any type of environment or use. PTFE is also hydrophobic, which means that substances that contain water will not wet PTFE.

Using the Gun

The spray of the nitrogen spray gun will always be an important consideration when comparing models and manufacturers. The mist produced by the gun should be even and consistent, allowing for a directed flow of nitrogen over the area to be cleaned.

Having the ability to set the spray will be important to allow for removal of the larger particles. Some companies can customize the spray gun to meet specific requirements, which will be an important factor when standard guns are not ideally suited for the job.

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