Best SIP Funds: An Overview in India

Mutual Fund investments require a lot of market risk and understanding. In India most of Mutual Fund Investments are done via NBFC for investors who are individuals, Firms or Company. Systematic Investment Plans are one type of Mutual Fund investments that require an investment for a particular amount and time that is predefined. These are often the most commonly invested schemes in India. There is a variety of short term and long term SIP Mutual Funds that may include Equity Funds, Debt Funds etc. The brand value of these schemes attracts investors. Companies like Kotak, State Bank of India, ICICI, ABSL and L&T are notable names in the Best SIP Funds.

The other key factors are the performance of the scheme in the year before and also in the long run along with the variation of the schemes with accordance to the present market scenario, government policies and expenses rendered to the flexibility of the same as well. The SIP schemes available in the market are often compared and studied by investors to make sure they invest in the Best SIP Funds suitable for them. Now a days, SIP Mutual Funds have been made easy for the layman by the various comparing websites and online SIP schemes available.

One can decide upon the best Mutual Fund SIP by the chart of best SIP Funds as provided by notable market analysis and experts. The top five Best SIP Funds in India now are,
SBI Blue chip Short term funds
Kotak Select Focus Fund
L&T Emerging business fund
L&T Midcap Fund
Mirae Emerging Bluechip Fund

Investment in these SIP funds are comparatively less risky than the investment in other mutual funds that haven’t yet earned the tag of being stable and trustworthy. The goodwill of the companies along with the flexibility of these schemes makes them the best SIP funds in India.

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