Tips for Decorating Small Apartments

Tips for Decorating Small Apartments

Have you recently rented a small apartment? One of the reasons people do this is because they are in the military and recently moved to an area. The fact is, there is more to military housing in San Diego than just what is offered on-base. When you opt for a privately owned property, you have more freedom and often, better prices.

However, many of the apartments and houses readily available are small. If you want to make your newly small space feel bigger, use the tips found here.

Paint the Ceiling

While you need to ask the landlord at the military housing in San Diego first, if you paint the ceiling, it will make the room feel larger. This is because it will make the eye move upwards. If you have a landlord with an “anything goes” policy, you can also add wallpaper to the ceiling to really add interest to the ceiling.

Use Light Colors for the Floors and Walls

Even though a darker color can make the space feel cozier, they can also absorb light rather than reflecting it. As a result, the space is going to feel smaller. Instead, choose lighter colors for the walls and floors. This will help the space feel open and airy.

Move Furniture Away from the Walls

If you push your furniture right up against the wall, it can make everything feel and look cramped. A better option is to leave some space, even just a few inches, in between your larger items and the wall. This will help your small military housing in San Diego feel and look more open.

If you are trying to find effective ways to make your small space feel larger, then use the tips here. This will help ensure you don’t feel cramped.

More information about military housing options can be found by visiting the Foxwood Corporate Apartments website.

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