Take Advantage Of Wall Packs For Great Outdoor Lighting

It can be challenging to find the best outdoor lighting to suit a particular area of a residential or commercial property. Some types of lighting look too industrial and create more a harsh lighting while other lights may offer more a soft, pooled look that is ideal for ambiance but not for safety or security.

Lighting Requirements

A top option for any outdoor application where light, as well as style, is required includes the use of wall packs. These are ideal for mounting on buildings, fences or walls and offer good coverage for safety and security lighting needs but also provide a design that is well suited to a residential or commercial property.

You will find wall packs used on walkways, perimeters and around entrances to properties, garages or other buildings. By using LED technology in the lighting, it is long lasting as well as offers different levels of light to provide a softer or more distinctive light while still providing more than enough visibility.

Designed for Outdoor Use

One of the reasons that wall packs are so effective in any type of outdoor lighting scheme is that they are designed to be used in any type of environment. Most have a die-cast aluminum housing which eliminates any seams in the structure. Without seams there is no concern about exposure to moisture and wiring and bulbs will not be exposed to any moisture on the interior of the housing.

With different types of this lighting option, there is also a good range of different mounting heights. They can be positioned between eight and eighteen feet from the ground, offer a wider or a more concentrated area of light.

There are several different finishes available from top suppliers. Black and dark bronze are two very popular options for the housing finish, and they match well with any outdoor lighting scheme.

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