Three Reasons to Buy Pearl Jewelry in Seattle WA

Three Reasons to Buy Pearl Jewelry in Seattle WA

There are many reasons to buy pearl jewelry in Seattle WA. Throughout history, pearls have been greatly desired as centerpieces for jewelry due to their rarity, purity, and beauty. They remain wonderful choices for anyone who is shopping for something special, offering a touch of splendor to whoever wears them. Here are three great reasons to buy pearl jewelry.

Pearls come in a variety of sizes, colors, and types

Large, perfectly round pearls are the most valuable and the hardest to find. Oval and teardrop pearls are also available. White and black are the most common colors, but some pearls are pink, silver, or gold. The luster of pearls is striking, and the shinier a pearl is, the better. Pearls that are precisely matched can be difficult to find, so jewelry pieces that contain pearls that have the same appearance are especially desirable.

Pearls bring elegance to any outfit

Necklaces are by far the most popular way to wear pearls, and there are many different necklace lengths and types to choose from. Some of these include the opera, which is long and ideal for formal occasions, and the princess, which is shorter and displays the traditional length of a pearl necklace. Pearls are also available in earrings, on bracelets, and set in pendants.

Pearls are like something out of a fairytale

They are created by creatures in the sea and then harvested by humans. Oysters make pearls whenever an irritant gets stuck inside their shell, such as a grain of sand. Oysters deposit minerals around the irritant, forming what is called nacre. As the years pass, the amount of nacre grows, resulting in a beautiful pearl. The pearl can then be harvested and used to make jewelry. One of the most famous pieces of pearl jewelry is the spectacular pearl tiara of Empress Eugnie, which contains 212 magnificent pearls.

Due to its uniqueness, glamorous beauty, and a variety of uses, pearl jewelry is a wonderful option for anyone looking to add sparkle to a wardrobe. It also makes a perfect gift. With minimal maintenance, pearls will last a lifetime and keep their eye-catching luster, allowing them to be passed on to loved ones. Click here to learn more about buying pearl jewelry in Seattle WA.

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