How Sub Floor Ventilation Systems Benefit You?

How Sub Floor Ventilation Systems Benefit You?

Damp patches and expensive energy bills are two warning signs that you will need to call in the sub floor ventilation experts. A system that is well-implemented by a professional will carefully extract moisture from damp areas. In addition to this, the effectively designed systems comply with Australian standards. This means that you can feel confident about making an investment in low maintenance systems of this kind. Easy to care for and unobtrusive, a ventilation system will remove air that is laden with moisture, providing you with the following benefits.

Mould Prevention

Did you know that breathing in mould spores could trigger allergies, set off the symptoms of asthma and cause a number of respiratory conditions? This is why you need to be aware of mould growth in the home and learn how to prevent it. Experts in the field of sub floor ventilation will use moisture-resistant ducting and underfloor systems to put a halt to mould growth. If an existing sub floor ventilation system has been installed, it will either be repaired or a new chemical damp proof course will be injected. As a result, mould growth will reduce and humidity levels will lower.

Better Insulation

Everybody wants their home to be well insulated, particularly during the cold winter months. A property that has poor thermal efficiency will lose heat at a rapid rate and the cost of heating the home will continue to rise. Sub floor ventilation systems will be highly resistant to damp and the great thing is that these systems can be fitted over various types of flooring, including carpeting, tiled flooring and laminate flooring. Ductwork, drain lines and electric wires will first be looked at, so that the ventilation system doesn’t cause any problems.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Any air leaks in the home will be sealed during the sub floor ventilation system installation process. When air cannot escape, the home will retain heat and you won’t have to worry about expensive energy bills. What’s more, you can turn down the thermostat, which will save you money and put less stress on our beautiful planet. During winter you will notice the energy efficiency improvements that sub floor ventilation offers, because at this time of year you will be more tempted to turn on the heating. So long as there are no insulation voids, you can benefit from money savings and a more eco-friendly home.

You can get a free, no obligation quote for sub floor ventilation systems if you contact the team at Damp Controllers PTY Limited on 0431 55 04 06 today.

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